Psalm 137
Contemporary English Version

A Prayer for Revenge

1Beside the rivers of Babylon

we thought about Jerusalem,

and we sat down and cried.

2We hung our small harps

on the willow+ trees.

3Our enemies had brought us here

as their prisoners;

now they wanted us to sing

and entertain them.

They insulted us and shouted,

“Sing about Zion!”

4Here in a foreign land,

how can we sing

about the Lord?

5Jerusalem, if I forget you,

let my right hand go limp.

6Let my tongue stick

to the roof of my mouth,

if I don't think about you

above all else.

7Our Lord, punish the Edomites!

On the day Jerusalem fell,

they shouted,

“Completely destroy the city!

Tear down every building!”

8 Babylon, you are doomed!

I pray the Lord's blessings

on anyone who punishes you

for what you did to us.

9May the Lord bless everyone

who beats your children

against the rocks!


137.2 willow: Or “poplar.”

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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