Proverbs 13
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1A wise son hears his father and an evil son who does not receive reproof will perish.

2A good man will be satisfied from the fruit of his mouth and the souls of the evil will be destroyed.

3He that keeps his mouth takes care of his soul, and he that opens his lips works shipwreck to his soul.

4A man that does not work always falls into lusts and the soul of the strong will grow fat.

5The righteous hates a lying word, and the evil will be disgraced and put to shame.

6Righteousness will keep him who is perfect in his way, and the sinner's sin will destroy him.

7There are those who enrich themselves and have nothing, and there is one who makes himself poor and possesses an abundance.

8The salvation of a man's soul is his wealth and the poor does not accept condemnation.

9The light of the righteous will exult and the lamp of the evil will be put out.

10An evil man in disgrace does evil, and those who are counseled are wise.

11Property that comes by evil will decrease and he that gathers by righteousness will increase.

12A man who begins to help is better than he that props up with hope, and the tree of life brings hope.

13He that has contempt against the word will be destroyed by it, and he that is in awe of the commandment will be saved; there will be no favor to the deceitful man, and a wise man whose works are upright will lift up the head by his way.

14The law of wisdom is a fountain of life to those who turn from the snares of death.

15Good understanding gives compassion, and the way of the evil is unto destruction.

16Everything that a wise one does is in knowledge, and a fool speaks emptiness.

17An evil messenger falls into affliction and a trustworthy messenger is a healer.

18Poverty and shame nullify instruction and he that keeps reproof will be praised.

19An honorable desire will be sweet to the soul and the defilement of the evil is removed from knowledge.

20He that walks with the wise will be wise, and he that walks with a fool will harm himself.

21Sinners will pursue affliction, and the righteous ones will be given precious things.

22A good man gives an inheritance to his grandchildren and the wealth of sinners is kept for the righteous.

23Those who do not see the way of life for themselves destroy many years of wealth, and some are destroyed utterly.

24Everyone that spares concerning his rod, hates his son, and he that loves his son disciplines him earnestly.

25The righteous eats and satisfies his soul, and the belly of the evil will want.

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