1 Timothy 2
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1Therefore, I beg of you that before all things, you will offer supplications to God, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving, for the sake of all people, 2For the sake of Kings and Rulers, that we may lead a quiet and tranquil way of life in complete reverence to God and purity. 3For this is pleasing and acceptable before God Our Lifegiver, 4He who wills that all people shall have Life, and shall be converted to the knowledge of the truth. 5For God is One, and The Mediator of God and the sons of men is One: The Son of Man, Yeshua The Messiah, 6Who gave himself a ransom in the place of every person, a testimony that has come in its time, 7That of which I am appointed a Preacher and an Apostle of the truth. I say and I do not lie, that I am the Teacher of the Gentiles in the belief of the truth.

8I desire, therefore, that men would pray in every place, lifting their hands in purity without rage and without scheming;

9Likewise also the women shall be modest in fashion of dress, their adornment shall be in bashfulness and in modesty, not in braiding with gold or with pearls or in gorgeous robes, 10But with good works, just as it is suitable for women who profess the worship of God. 11Let women learn in silence with all submission, 12For I do not allow a woman to teach, neither to usurp over a man, but she should be quiet; 13For Adam was formed first, and then Eve. 14And Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and violated the commandment; 15But she lives by her children, if they continue in faith and in love, in holiness and in modesty.

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Glenn David Bauscher
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