1 Thessalonians 2
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1And you know, my brethren, that our introduction to you has not been for nothing. 2But first we suffered and we were abused in Philippus as you know, and then in a great struggle we spoke The Gospel of The Messiah with you in the boldness of our God. 3For our comfort was not from deception nor from impurity, nor by treachery. 4But as when we were tested by God to be entrusted with his Gospel, so we speak, not as if we would please the children of men, but God who tests our hearts. 5For neither do we ever employ enticing speech as you know, neither an occasion for greed, God is witness, 6Neither do we seek glory from the children of men; not from you, neither from others, when we could have been honored as Apostles of The Messiah. 7But we were meek among you, even as a nursemaid who cherishes her children. 8In this way also we cherish and long to give you, not only The Good News of God, but our lives also, because you are our beloved.

9For you remember, brethren, that we were toiling and laboring in the works of our hands by night. And by day, that we might not be a burden to anyone of you, 10You and God are witnesses, how we preached The Good News of God to you purely and rightly, and we were without a fault toward all the believers. 11Just as you know that we have been like a father to each one of you, pleading with his children, and we comfort your hearts and charge you 12To walk as it is suitable to God, who has called you into his Kingdom and into his glory.

13Because of this, we also thank God constantly that you have received the word of God from us, not as if you received the word of the children of men, but just as it is truly the word of God, and which is working among you by deeds in those who believe. 14But you, my brethren, imitated the churches of God that are in Judea, these who are in Yeshua The Messiah, so that you suffered also by the children of your nation just as they did also of the Judeans, 15Those who murdered Yeshua The Messiah, and they have persecuted their own Prophets, and us, and they do not please God and have become opposed to all people. 16For they forbid us to speak with the Gentiles, that they may live to fulfill their sins always, but fury has come upon them until the end.

17But we, brethren, were bereaved for a short time of your presence, but not in our hearts, and we took all the more pains in much love to see your faces. 18And we wished to come to you, I Paul, once and twice, and Satan hindered me. 19For what is our hope and our joy and the crown of our glory, but you alone, before our Lord Yeshua at his coming? 20For you are our glory and our joy.

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