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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Consisting of, or containing, milk.

2. (a.) Like, or somewhat like, milk; whitish and turbid; as, the water is milky. Milky juice.

3. (a.) Yielding milk.

4. (a.) Mild; tame; spiritless.


The Reaction against Egypt
... The material of the statue is a finegrained limestone, and its milky whiteness
tends to soften the malign character of her look and smile. ...
/.../chapter iithe reaction against egypt.htm

Essay i. Fortuna Plerumque Est Veluti Galaxia Quarundam Obscurarum ...
... BACON. (Translation)"Fortune is for the most part but a galaxy or milky
way, as it were, of certain obscure virtues without a name. ...
/.../confessions of an inquiring spirit etc/essay i fortuna plerumque est.htm

Christ, as to his Divine Nature, as the Word of God, Became Flesh ...
... In the cheese, it is from the coagulation that the milky substance acquires that
consistency, [7206] which is condensed by infusing the rennet. ...
/.../tertullian/ on the flesh of christ/chapter xix christ as to his.htm

Morning Hymn
... Since Thou canst change, O holy Light, The blackest hue to milky white, Ebon to
clearness crystalline, Wash my foul stains and make me clean. ...
// hymns of prudentius/ii morning hymn.htm

Sin Immeasurable
... If you will turn your eyes above, the astronomer will tell you that the undiscovered
stars, that the vast mass of worlds which form the milky way, and the ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 6 1860/sin immeasurable.htm

Argument: Moreover, God not Only Takes Care of the Universal World ...
... full of milk as the offspring grows to maturity, and that the tender progeny should
grow up by the nourishment afforded by the abundance of the milky moisture? ...
/.../the octavius of minucius felix/chapter xviii argument moreover god not.htm

... when they wished to return thanks instead of praise to the absent thunderer,
senselessly vowed victims as to a god to be besought, they made milky altars as ...
/.../commodianus/the instructions of commodianus/xv hercules.htm

The Doctrine of Mathematicians not Wholly to be Despised, when ...
... head of the Ox is in honour of Zeus, who, in the form of a Bull, carried over Europe
into Crete; and they say the circle called the Galaxy, or milky way, which ...
/.../chapter xiv the doctrine of mathematicians.htm

Moses Despondent
... he seeks. The Milky Way is no substitute for the sun. Our hearts cry out
for One great light, for One spacious home. Endless strings ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture k/moses despondent.htm

John Chapter xvi. 29-33.
... to babes, is in some sort sucked in; and even though it yield them not solid food,
which they cannot as yet receive, it denies them not at least a milky diet. ...
/.../augustine/homilies on the gospel of john/tractate ciii john chapter xvi.htm

Milky (1 Occurrence)
... 1. (a.) Consisting of, or containing, milk. 2. (a.) Like, or somewhat like, milk;
whitish and turbid; as, the water is milky. Milky juice. ...Milky (1 Occurrence). ...
/m/milky.htm - 6k

Mill (9 Occurrences)

/m/mill.htm - 18k

Frankincense (22 Occurrences)
... frants'-in-sens (lebhonah, from root meaning "whiteness," referring to the milky
color of the fresh juice: Exodus 30:34 Leviticus 2:1, 15; 5:11; 6:15; 24:07:00 ...
/f/frankincense.htm - 19k

Engedi (6 Occurrences)
... It has a grayish bark and long oval leaves, which when broken off discharge a milky
fluid. The fruit resembles an apple, and hangs in clusters of two or three. ...
/e/engedi.htm - 11k

Milk-cheeses (1 Occurrence)
Milk-cheeses. Milk, Milk-cheeses. Milky . Multi-Version Concordance Milk-cheeses
(1 Occurrence). ... (BBE). Milk, Milk-cheeses. Milky . Reference Bible.
/m/milk-cheeses.htm - 6k

Purple (54 Occurrences)
... was removed and crushed. The crushed gland gives a milky fluid that becomes
red or purple on exposure to the air. Piles of these ...
/p/purple.htm - 28k

... The trunk has a cork-like bark and white, milky juice and the fruit consists of
queer apple-like follicles which, though solid looking, are only inflated with ...
/b/botany.htm - 38k

Bible Concordance
Milky (1 Occurrence)

Psalms 55:21 Smooth were the milky words of his mouth, but his heart was war; his words were softer than oil, yet are they drawn swords.



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