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The Descriptions of the Book.
... THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE BOOK. The descriptive titles given to this book
mark it off as being special in its nature, distinct from ...
/.../bullinger/commentary on revelation/the descriptions of the book.htm

Even the Metaphorical Descriptions of this Subject in the ...
... Chapter XXVI."Even the Metaphorical Descriptions of This Subject in the Scriptures
Point to the Bodily Resurrection, the Only Sense Which Secures Their ...
/.../chapter xxvi even the metaphorical descriptions.htm

That Divine and Heavenly Things are Appropriately Revealed, Even ...
... does violence without authority to the Divine powers, and likewise leads astray
our minds, through dwelling upon these irreverent descriptions); and perhaps he ...
/.../dionysius/on the heavenly hierarchy/caput ii that divine and.htm

A Psalm of Remembrance
... IT IS VERY pleasant to read descriptions of the Holy Land from observant travellers,
who, in glowing language, have depicted its interesting scenes. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 5 1859/a psalm of remembrance.htm

In Scripture, the True God Opposed, Exclusively, to all the Gods ...
... In every part of Scripture we meet with descriptions of his paternal kindness and
readiness to do good, and we also meet with examples of severity which show ...
/.../calvin/the institutes of the christian religion/chapter 10 in scripture the.htm

What is the Difference Between Man's Own Righteousness and Man's ...
... How comes it, that a beast, a scarlet whore, a horned dragon, and other the most
horrible descriptions of diabolical power, have been by the Spirit of God made ...
/.../address 129 0 0 what is the.htm

... Its descriptions are vivid and impetuous: they set us before the walls of the
beleaguered Nineveh, and show us the war-chariots of her enemies darting to and ...
// to the old testament/nahum.htm

The Same Continued.
... [1638] Now these descriptions,"and there are others which at the instant do not
occur to me,"are all intended to represent to us the future judgment, which ...
/.../augustine/anti-pelagian writings/chapter 11 the same continued.htm

Whether the Fire of Hell Will be Corporeal?
... Wherefore, just as all descriptions of the soul's delight after death that seem
to denote bodily pleasure"-for instance, that they are refreshed, that they ...
// theologica/whether the fire of hell.htm

The Return from the Sepulchre.
... had quite fallen, Lazarus, the widow of Naim, Dina the Samaritan woman, and Mara
of Suphan, came from Bethania, and then, once more, descriptions were given of ...
/.../the dolorous passion of our lord jesus christ/chapter liii the return from.htm

Descriptions (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Descriptions (1 Occurrence). Joshua 18:6 And
ye shall describe the land into seven portions, and bring ...
/d/descriptions.htm - 6k

Precious (128 Occurrences)
... of Hebrew Names: Other sets of possible equivalents are derivable by collation of
the Biblical description with each of the two descriptions given by Josephus ...
/p/precious.htm - 71k

Stones (244 Occurrences)
... of Hebrew Names: Other sets of possible equivalents are derivable by collation of
the Biblical description with each of the two descriptions given by Josephus ...
/s/stones.htm - 74k

Cart (12 Occurrences)
... Bible descriptions and ancient Babylonian and Egyptian pictures indicate
that the cart was usually two-wheeled and drawn by two oxen. ...
/c/cart.htm - 15k

Description (6 Occurrences)

/d/description.htm - 8k

Valley (187 Occurrences)
... 2. Descriptions: Two descriptions (the first from my own journal) of the general
views obtained of the Jordan valley from adjoining elevated points will give ...
/v/valley.htm - 75k

Trade (33 Occurrences)
... up in the Temple of a pattern of an Assyrian altar (2 Kings 16:10 f) must have been
accompanied with an influx of Assyrian commodities of all descriptions. ...
/t/trade.htm - 40k

Babel (3 Occurrences)
... Nitocris 6. Ctesias' Description-the Palaces and Their Decorated Walls 7. The Temple
of Belus and the Hanging Gardens 8. Other Descriptions 9. Nebuchadrezzar's ...
/b/babel.htm - 63k

Imagery (5 Occurrences)
... 4. (n.) Rhetorical decoration in writing or speaking; vivid descriptions presenting
or suggesting images of sensible objects; figures in discourse. Int. ...
/i/imagery.htm - 10k

Reduce (13 Occurrences)
... 5. (n.) To bring into a certain order, arrangement, classification, etc.; to bring
under rules or within certain limits of descriptions and terms adapted to ...
/r/reduce.htm - 11k

Bible Concordance
Descriptions (1 Occurrence)

Joshua 18:6 And ye shall describe the land into seven portions, and bring the description hither to me; and I will cast lots for you here before the LORD our God.
(See NIV)



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Tongues (67 Occurrences)



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