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5247. huperoche -- a projection, eminence
... preeminence, authority. Cognate: 5247 (from 5242, "hold ") -- prominence
(because ); pre-eminent (superior). See 5242 (). 5247 () is ...
// - 7k

1851. exoche -- a projection, eminence
... principal. From a compound of ek and echo (meaning to stand out); prominence
(figuratively) -- principal. see GREEK ek. see GREEK echo. (exochen) -- 1 Occurrence ...
// - 6k

2158. euschemon -- comely
... Word Origin from eu and schema Definition comely NASB Word Usage appropriate (1),
presentable (1), prominence (1), prominent (2). comely, honorable. ...
// - 7k

5242. huperecho -- to hold above, to rise above, to be superior
... 5242 (from 5228 , "beyond, above" and 2192, "have") -- properly, "have beyond, ie
be superior, excel, surpass" (); to exercise prominence (superiority). ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
4760. murah -- crop or alimentary canal
... crop. Apparently feminine passive causative participle of ra'ah; something conspicuous,
ie The craw of a bird (from its prominence) -- crop. see HEBREW ra'ah. ...
/hebrew/4760.htm - 6k

2124. Ziza -- two Israelites
... NASB Word Usage Ziza (2). Ziza. Apparently from the same as ziyz; prominence; Ziza,
the name of two Israelites -- Ziza. see HEBREW ziyz. 2123b, 2124. ...
/hebrew/2124.htm - 6k

567. Emori -- perhaps "mountain dwellers," a Canaanite tribe
... Probably a patronymic from an unused name derived from 'amar in the sense of publicity,
ie Prominence; thus, a mountaineer; an Emorite, one of the Canaanitish ...
/hebrew/567.htm - 6k

2106. zavith -- a corner
... Apparently from the same root as Ziv (in the sense of prominence); an angle (as
projecting), ie (by implication) a corner-column (or anta) -- corner(stone). ...
/hebrew/2106.htm - 6k

6643. tsbiy -- beauty, honor
... From tsabah in the sense of prominence; splendor (as conspicuous); also a gazelle
(as beautiful) -- beautiful(-ty), glorious, goodly, pleasant, roe(-buck). ...
/hebrew/6643.htm - 5k


Water Chosen as a Vehicle of Divine Operation and Wherefore Its ...
... Chapter III."Water Chosen as a Vehicle of Divine Operation and Wherefore
Its Prominence First of All in Creation. Mindful of this ...
/...// baptism/chapter iii water chosen as a.htm

Of the Question Whether Mark's Reports of the Repeated Occasions ...
... Chapter III."Of the Question Whether Mark's Reports of the Repeated Occasions on
Which the Name of Peter Was Brought into Prominence are Not at Variance with ...
/.../augustine/the harmony of the gospels/chapter iii of the question whether.htm

Prepositions, 89-98
... SYNTAX PREPOSITIONS, 89-98. 89. Prominence of Prepositions. The prominence
of prepositions in the LXX is partly a characteristic ...
/.../conybeare/a grammar of septuagint greek/prepositions 89-98.htm

The Main Current of the Reformation
... It brought man into greater prominence, and the Church as an ecclesiastical system
into less prominence; for life, they discovered, was settled in the teaching ...
/.../chapter i the main current.htm

The Doctrine of the Last Things.
/.../evans/the great doctrines of the bible/the doctrine of the last.htm

... The Bishop of Rome"a personage unknown to the writers of the New Testament" meanwhile
rose into prominence, and at length took precedence of all other ...
// ancient church/preface.htm

The Missionary in India (Continued).
... of some of their former views, in all, perhaps, though in different degrees, to
a readjustment of their doctrinal position, to giving more prominence to some ...
/.../life and work in benares and kumaon 1839-1877/chapter xxv the missionary in.htm

Jesus' Conception of Himself
... When Jesus called forth the confession of Peter at Caesarea Philippi he brought
into prominence the question which during the earlier stages of the Galilean ...
/.../rhees/the life of jesus of nazareth/iv jesus conception of himself.htm

Whether Vainglory is a Capital vice?
... Neither therefore is the desire of vainglory. Objection 3: Further, a capital
vice has a certain prominence. But vainglory seems ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether vainglory is a capital.htm

New Haven Orthodox Creed.
... "In the earlier revivals of this country, great prominence was given, in the preaching,
to the doctrine of dependence, in the forms of regeneration, election ...
/.../hayward/the book of religions/new haven orthodox creed.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) The quality of being noticeable or distinguished.
Prominence (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) The quality of being noticeable or distinguished.
Multi-Version Concordance Prominence (1 Occurrence). ...
/p/prominence.htm - 6k

Kings (350 Occurrences)
... While in the Chronicles greater prominence is given to the priestly or Levitical
office, in the Kings greater prominence is given to the kingly. ...
/k/kings.htm - 61k

... The Alexandrian Jews wielded great influence in the contemporary Roman empire, and
the prominence of Philo's family is attested by the fact that his brother ...
/j/judaeus.htm - 29k

... The Alexandrian Jews wielded great influence in the contemporary Roman empire, and
the prominence of Philo's family is attested by the fact that his brother ...
/p/philo.htm - 29k

Swelling (14 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) A protuberance; a prominence. 4. (n.) an unnatural prominence or protuberance;
as, a scrofulous swelling. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. SWELLING. ...
/s/swelling.htm - 13k

Tiberius (1 Occurrence)
... by Augustus. From this date on Tiberius came more and more into prominence,
receiving the tribunician power for 10 years. 3. Reign ...
/t/tiberius.htm - 15k

Messiah (9 Occurrences)
... But it is not till we reach the Assyrian age, when the personality of the king is
brought into prominence against the great world-power, that we meet with any ...
/m/messiah.htm - 43k

... Yet Sirach gives far more prominence than Proverbs to the idea that the Divine Will
is specially made known in the Law of Moses (Sirach 24:23; 45:1-4). We do ...
/s/sirach.htm - 34k

Prominent (13 Occurrences)

/p/prominent.htm - 10k

Macedonia (23 Occurrences)
... THE MACEDONIAN CHURCH 1. Prominence of Women 2. Marked Characteristics 3. Its Members
LITERATURE A country lying to the North of Greece, afterward enlarged and ...
/m/macedonia.htm - 40k

Bible Concordance
Prominence (1 Occurrence)

Acts 13:50 But the Jews stirred up the devout and prominent women and the chief men of the city, and stirred up a persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and threw them out of their borders.
(See NAS)



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