Molech, Moloch or Milcom
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Molech, Moloch or Milcom

A king, 1 Kings 11:5,7 Acts 7:43; supposed also to be intended by Malcham, or "their king," in Jeremiah 49:1 Am 1:15 Zephaniah 1:5, the name of a heathen deity, worshipped by the Ammonites. The Israelites also introduced the worship of this idol, both during their wanderings in the desert, and after their settlement in Palestine, 2 Kings 23:10 Ezekiel 20:26,31. The principal sacrifices to Moloch were human victims, namely, children who were cast alive into the redhot arms of his statue. See HINNOM. Compare Le 18:21 20:2 De 12:31 Psalm 106:37,38 Jeremiah 7:31 19:2-6 32:35. According to some of these passages, Moloch would seem to be another name for Baal; and we find that the Phoenicians, whose chief god was Baal, and the Carthaginians their colonists, worshipped his image with similar horrid sacrifices, as the Romans did their god Saturn.



Molech, Moloch or Milcom

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