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Strong's Hebrew
1129. banah -- to build
... 112), build* (1), builders (10), building (16), builds (8), built (177), construct
(1), constructed (1), fashioned (1), fortified (3), fortifying (2), have ...
/hebrew/1129.htm - 6k

How Titus Marched to Jerusalem, and How He was in Danger as He was ...
... immediately, and ran out upon the tenth legion, and fell upon the Romans with great
eagerness, and with a prodigious shout, as they were fortifying their camp. ...
/.../chapter 2 how titus marched.htm

From the Death of Bishop Asbury to the Close of the General ...
... of the Presbyterians and Congregationalists of America " while Wesley and his brother
Charles hoisted the flag of Arminius, fortifying themselves with the ...
/.../chapter 3 from the death.htm

Treatise i. On the Unity of the Church.
... And First of All, Fortifying Them Against the Deceits of These, He Exhorts Them
to Constancy, and Instructs Them that Heresies Exist Because Christ, the Head ...
/.../cyprian/the treatises of cyprian/treatise i on the unity.htm

Brother Hugh
... He injured his health by over-abstinence, one effect of which was to cause him to
grow fat, Nature thus revenging herself by fortifying his frame against such ...
/.../marson/hugh bishop of lincoln/chapter ii brother hugh.htm

Importance of the Time of Youth; Difficulties and Dangers that ...
... sin that doleful experience, that premature craftiness, which, far from enlightening
the mind, obscures and blinds it,"which, far from fortifying the will ...
/.../sainte-foi/serious hours of a young lady/chapter i importance of the.htm

Thus, Look at Every Free People, from the Mountains of Helvetia to ...
... and Democracy mutually respect each other, and balance each other by an exchange
of kindnesses and services which sanctify society while fortifying it. ...
/.../lamartine/atheism among the people/xvii thus look at every.htm

Of the Prohibition of Adultery in the Decalogue.
... a religious regard toward parents second (only to that) toward God, (that Law) laid,
as the next substratum in strengthening and fortifying such counts, no ...
/.../tertullian/on modesty/chapter v of the prohibition of.htm

Trinity Sunday the Doctrine of the Trinity.
... John has been subjected to attack, which was written for the special purpose of
fortifying this dogma against the attacks of Cerinthus the heretic, who in the ...
/.../luther/epistle sermons vol iii/trinity sunday the doctrine of.htm

On Filthy Speaking.
... It is on this account, as appears to me, that the Instructor does not permit us
to give utterance to aught unseemly, fortifying us at an early stage against ...
/.../clement/the instructor paedagogus/chapter vi on filthy speaking.htm

That the Christian Miracles are not Recited, or Appealed To, by ...
... rules of public order, admonitions against certain prevailing corruptions, against
vice, or any particular species of it, or in fortifying and encouraging the ...
/.../paley/evidences of christianity/chapter v that the christian.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Fortify.
Fortifying (3 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Fortify. Multi-Version
Concordance Fortifying (3 Occurrences). Judges 9:31 and he ...
/f/fortifying.htm - 7k

Fortify (6 Occurrences)

/f/fortify.htm - 8k

Fortification (5 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) The act of fortifying; the art or science
of fortifying places in order to defend them against an enemy. ...
/f/fortification.htm - 40k

Jehoshaphat (79 Occurrences)
... After fortifying his kingdom against Israel (2 Chronicles 17:1, 2), he set
himself to cleanse the land of idolatry (1 Kings 22:43). ...
/j/jehoshaphat.htm - 51k

Fortitude (5 Occurrences)

/f/fortitude.htm - 8k

Deceitfully (22 Occurrences)
... he sendeth messengers unto Abimelech deceitfully, saying, 'Lo, Gaal son of Ebed
and his brethren are coming into Shechem, and lo, they are fortifying the city ...
/d/deceitfully.htm - 13k

Rehoboam (42 Occurrences)
... 4. Rehoboam's Prosperity: Rehoboam next occupied himself in strengthening the territory
which still remained to him by fortifying a number of cities (2 ...
/r/rehoboam.htm - 34k

Ahab (85 Occurrences)
... as well. He no doubt began his military policy by fortifying the cities
of Israel (1 Kings 16:34; 1 Kings 22:39). Benhadad (the ...
/a/ahab.htm - 52k

Hezekiah (124 Occurrences)
... early years of his reign were notable, not only for mild and just administration
throughout his realm, but for measures looking to the fortifying and defense ...
/h/hezekiah.htm - 72k

Armenia (2 Occurrences)
... themselves kings. Artaxias, king of Armenia Major, used Hannibal's aid
in fortifying his capital Artaxata (189 BC). Artaxias was ...
/a/armenia.htm - 21k

Bible Concordance
Fortifying (3 Occurrences)

Judges 9:31 and he sendeth messengers unto Abimelech deceitfully, saying, 'Lo, Gaal son of Ebed and his brethren are coming into Shechem, and lo, they are fortifying the city against thee;

1 Kings 15:21 It happened, when Baasha heard of it, that he left off building Ramah, and lived in Tirzah.
(See NAS)

2 Chronicles 16:5 It happened, when Baasha heard of it, that he left off building Ramah, and let his work cease.
(See NAS)



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