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Strong's Hebrew
5437. sabab -- to turn about, go around, surround
... avoid, beset (about), besiege, bring again, carry (about), change, cause to come
about, X circuit, (fetch a) compass (about, round), drive, environ, X on every ...
/hebrew/5437.htm - 7k

The First Chaldaean Empire and the Hyksos in Egypt
... Ahmosis. Some countries seem destined from their origin to become the
battle-fields of the contending nations which environ them. ...
/.../chapter ithe first chaldaean empire.htm

Achan's Sin, Israel's Defeat
... 9. For the Canaanites, and all the inhabitants of the land shall hear of it, and
shall environ us round, and cut off our name from the earth: and what wilt ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture f/achans sin israels defeat.htm

And Why Should we Add Many Words Concerning those who are Sisted ...
... deeds, whether good or bad. With all men each one's actions shall environ
him, whether he be good or evil. For the powers of the ...
/.../the extant works and fragments of hippolytus/piece xxxix and why should.htm

"Whereby we Cry, Abba, Father. "
... chosen this way as most fit for the advancing his glory, and most suitable for our
comfort and edification, to give us but little in hand, and environ us with ...
/.../binning/the works of the rev hugh binning/sermon xxxix whereby we cry.htm

To My Christian Brethren in the United States of America.
... But yet, in view of the grandeur and importance of this greatest of tasks, in view
of the difficulties that environ it, and our own incapacity to execute it ...
/.../to my christian brethren in.htm

Psalm 69
... 8,6,8,6. ^1Save me, O God, because the floods. do so environ me,. That ev'n unto
my very soul. come in the waters be. ^2I downward in deep mire do sink,. ...
/...//christianbookshelf.org/anonymous/scottish psalter and paraphrases/psalm 69.htm

Differences as to the Theatre of Christ's Labours.
... Did he only make up his mind to go, in spite of the dangers which he foresaw would
environ him, in order to avoid the reproach of distrusting the Divinity of ...
/.../section 109 differences as to.htm

How the Desire to Praise God Makes us Aspire to Heaven.
... end that released from this bondage I may fly to my dear companions, who expect
me there above in heaven, to make me one of their choirs, and environ me with ...
/.../francis/treatise on the love of god/chapter x how the desire.htm

A Manifestation of God in Answer to Prayer
... It is likewise true that a change in the moral conditions which environ the
church today is not the solution of its spiritual problem. ...
/.../anderson/prayer availeth much/chapter 7 a manifestation of.htm

The Sheltering Wing
... Does that not speak to us of the urgency of the case? Does that not speak
to us eloquently of the perils which environ us? Does ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture j/the sheltering wing.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. t.) To surround; to encompass; to encircle; to hem in; to be round about; to involve or envelop.

2. (adv.) About; around.

Environ (1 Occurrence)
... or envelop. 2. (adv.) About; around. Multi-Version Concordance Environ
(1 Occurrence). Joshua 7:9 For the Canaanites and all the ...
/e/environ.htm - 6k

Environs (7 Occurrences)

/e/environs.htm - 9k

Girdle (44 Occurrences)
... 6. (n.) The clitellus of an earthworm. 7. (vt) To bind with a belt or sash;
to gird. 8. (vt) To enclose; to environ; to shut in. ...
/g/girdle.htm - 24k

Enviously (1 Occurrence)

/e/enviously.htm - 6k

Compass (51 Occurrences)
... 11. (vt) To enclose on all sides; to surround; to encircle; to environ; to invest;
to besiege; -- used with about, round, around, and round about. 12. ...
/c/compass.htm - 26k

Surrounding (78 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) An encompassing. 4. (n.) The things which surround or environ; external
or attending circumstances or conditions. Multi-Version Concordance ...
/s/surrounding.htm - 30k

Bible Concordance
Environ (1 Occurrence)

Joshua 7:9 For the Canaanites and all the inhabitants of the land shall hear of it, and shall environ us round, and cut off our name from the earth: and what wilt thou do unto thy great name?




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