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drak'-ma, (drachme): The word is used in the Septuagint as the rendering of beqa`, "half-shekel," which must refer to the light standard for the shekel, as its weight was about 62 grains. In the New Testament the word occurs only in Luke 15:8, 9, where it is rendered "a piece of silver" (m "drachma"). It was commonly taken as equivalent to the Roman denarius, though not strictly so.



Strong's Hebrew
150. adarkon -- a drachma
... Word Origin of foreign origin Definition a drachma NASB Word Usage darics (2). dram.
Of Persian origin; a daric or Persian coin -- dram. 149, 150. ...
/hebrew/150.htm - 5k

1871. darkemon -- (a unit of value), perhaps a drachma
... Usage drachmas (4). dram. Of Pers. Origin; a "drachma," or coin -- dram.
1870, 1871. darkemon or adarkon. 1872 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/1871.htm - 6k


Home as a Nursery.
... We call a very bad place the nursery of thieves and rogues. Dram-shops are the
nurseries of intemperance. Commerce is called the nursery of seamen. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/philips/the christian home/chapter xiii home as a.htm

The Ride from Pembroke to Swansea
... Having had nothing since breakfast, I was very willing to eat or drink; but she
simply told me that she had nothing in the house but a dram of gin. ...
/.../wesley/the journal of john wesley/the ride from pembroke to.htm

Waste. November 18.
... among our forefathers have bequeathed to us"is neglected for light fiction, the
reading of which is the worst form of intemperance"dram-drinking and opium ...
//christianbookshelf.org/kingsley/daily thoughts /waste november 18.htm

Gambling, Card-Playing
... The novice at cards and dice, husbands and sons of respectable families, just as
the occasional dram-taker supports the saloon. As one has asked: ...
/.../questionable amusements and worthy substitutes/iii gambling card-playing.htm

How Important and Necessary it Is, to the Interiour Soul, to ...
... Teresa appeared after her death to a certain Soul, and told it, that she had only
been rewarded for her pain; but had not received one dram of reward for so ...
/.../the spiritual guide which disentangles the soul/chap v how important and.htm

... society lost his life." "In Paisley, England, in 1848, there were three hundred
and thirty-seven cases of cholera, and every case except one was a dram-drinker ...
/.../judy/questionable amusements and worthy substitutes/ii drunkenness.htm

The Church and the Young Man.
... platform. Here then is one where all can unite, namely, in organizing some
force to overbalance the attractions of the dram shop. ...
/.../vincent/amusement a force in christian training/the church and the young.htm

The Choice of Pursuits.
... Without it we resort to jejune amusement, and from amusement we are hurried on to
dissipation, to the card table and dram shop; and from dissipation we sink to ...
/.../christianbookshelf.org/philips/the christian home/chapter xxi the choice of.htm

Of Love to God
... This may serve for a sharp reproof to such as have not a dram of love to
God in their hearts " and are there such miscreants alive? ...
//christianbookshelf.org/watson/a divine cordial/of love to god.htm

The Joy of the Lord, the Strength of his People
... of broken rest; we have known it beneath discouragements and under sorrows and
defamations, and all sorts of ills; and we reckon that one dram of fellowship ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 17 1871/the joy of the lord.htm

Smith's Bible Dictionary


ATS Bible Dictionary

Ezra 2:69, a gold coin of Persia, worth about five dollars.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
The Authorized Version understood the word `adarkonim (1 Chronicles 29:7; Ezra 8:27), and the similar word darkomnim (Ezra 2:69; Nehemiah 7:70), as equivalent to the Greek silver coin the drachma. But the Revised Version rightly regards it as the Greek dareikos, a Persian gold coin (the daric) of the value of about 1 pound, 2s., which was first struck by Darius, the son of Hystaspes, and was current in Western Asia long after the fall of the Persian empire. (see DARIC.)
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A weight; in Apothecaries' weight, one eighth part of an ounce, or sixty grains; in Avoirdupois weight, one sixteenth part of an ounce, or 27.34375 grains.

2. (n.) A minute quantity; a mite.

3. (n.) As much spirituous liquor as is usually drunk at once; as, a dram of brandy; hence, a potation or potion; as, a dram of poison.

4. (n.) A Persian daric.

5. (v. i. & t.) To drink drams; to ply with drams.

... 3. (n.) As much spirituous liquor as is usually drunk at once; as, a dram of brandy;
hence, a potation or potion; as, a dram of poison. ... DRACHMA; DRAM. ...
/d/dram.htm - 8k

... In the Revised Version of 1 Chronicles 29:7; Ezra 2:69; 8:27; Nehemiah 7:70-72,
where the Authorized Version has "dram." It is the rendering of the Hebrew ...
/d/daric.htm - 8k

Draining (20 Occurrences)

/d/draining.htm - 13k

Nip (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A sip or small draught; esp., a draught
of intoxicating liquor; a dram. 2. (vt) To catch and enclose ...
/n/nip.htm - 7k

Wet (25 Occurrences)
... 5. (a.) Water or wetness; moisture or humidity in considerable degree. 6. (a.) Rainy
weather; foggy or misty weather. 7. (n.) A dram; a drink. 8. (imp. ...
/w/wet.htm - 15k

Drachma (2 Occurrences)
... modern Greeks, a weight equal to a gram. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia.
DRACHMA; DRAM. drak'-ma, (drachme): The word is used in ...
/d/drachma.htm - 8k


/d/drama.htm - 7k

Coins (13 Occurrences)
... only coins mentioned in the Old Testament are the Darics (see DARIC), and these
only in the Revised Version (British and American), the word "dram" being used ...
/c/coins.htm - 13k

... ADRAMMELECH and ANAMMELECH a-dram'-el-ek and a-nam'-el-ek ('adhrammelekh and
`anammelekh, apparently, according to Assyrian usage, "Adar is prince," "Anu is ...
/a/adra.htm - 9k

Drachm (2 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A drachma. 2. (n.) Same as Dram.
Multi-Version Concordance Drachm (2 Occurrences). Luke 15:8 Or ...
/d/drachm.htm - 7k



Dram: A Persian Coin of Differently-Estimated Value

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