2 John
Bible Book Summary
2 John Summary
by Jay Smith

The book of 2nd John is a General Epistle (Apostolic Letter). It is written by the Disciple/Apostle John around 85-95 A.D. Key personality is John. It was written to encourage all Christians not to lose focus of Jesus Christ and to warn against persistent heresy. His key purpose is that his children (the children of God) may abide in the truth and the truth may abide in them.

•    In verses 1-3, John sends greetings to “the chosen lady” (vs. 1, 4, 5), who is most likely one of the churches in his region. John is the “elder” who probably was still in Ephesus when he wrote this letter.

•    Verses 4-11, are the body of the letter. John supports the commandment to “love one another”. He cautions them to watch for the deceivers and the antichrists that are abundant and active in the world spreading false teachings. Key Thought: “Walk in the truth”. John is still dealing with “Gnosticism” which denied that Jesus had a real human body composed of matter, since they viewed matter as being innately evil.

•    Those who do not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ are false teachers and stretch the truth into heretical doctrine. John was writing to protect his readers from the evil deception of those who refused to remain in the teaching of Christ, but were going beyond the truth of apostolic teaching (vs. 9). He makes it clear that these people are anti-Christ and do not know the Lord (vs. 7, 9). He also reminds his readers of their responsibility as Christians to love other Christians (vs. 5). Although, above all things he wants them to “walk in truth”. This truth is still consistent in our modern day. We must also "walk in truth" in this world of deception.

•    Verses 12-13, John wraps up his letter with the intentions of making a visit and discussing many topics “face toface”(vs. 12). He sends greetings from “the children of your chosen sister” (vs.13), this is probably his church in Ephesus.

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