6337. paz
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
fine pure gold

From pazaz; pure (gold); hence, gold itself (as refined) -- fine (pure) gold.

see HEBREW pazaz

Forms and Transliterations
בַּפָּ֑ז בפז וּמִפַּ֣ז וּמִפָּ֑ז וּמִפָּֽז׃ ומפז ומפז׃ מִפָּ֑ז מפז פָ֑ז פָּ֑ז פָּֽז׃ פָֽז׃ פז פז׃ bap·pāz bapPaz bappāz Faz mip·pāz mipPaz mippāz Paz pāz p̄āz ū·mip·paz ū·mip·pāz umipPaz ūmippaz ūmippāz
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