4522. mas or mis
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
discomfited, levy, taskmaster, tributary

Or mic {mees}; from macac; properly, a burden (as causing to faint), i.e. A tax in the form of forced labor -- discomfited, levy, task(-master), tribute(-tary).

see HEBREW macac

Forms and Transliterations
הַמַּ֑ס הַמַּ֔ס הַמַּ֜ס הַמַּֽס׃ המס המס׃ לְמַ֔ס לְמַס־ לָמַ֑ס לָמַ֖ס לָמַ֥ס לָמַֽס׃ למס למס־ למס׃ מִסִּ֔ים מַ֖ס מַ֛ס מס מסים ham·mas hammas lā·mas laMas lāmas lə·mas lə·mas- lemas ləmas ləmas- mas mis·sîm misSim missîm
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