1973. haleah
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
back, beyond, hence, forward, hitherto, thence, forth, yonder

From the primitive form of the article (hal); to the distance, i.e. Far away; also (of time) thus far -- back, beyond, (hence,-)forward, hitherto, thence,forth, yonder.

Forms and Transliterations
הָ֑לְאָה הָ֗לְאָה הלאה וָהָ֑לְאָה וָהָ֔לְאָה וָהָ֖לְאָה וָהָ֗לְאָה וָהָֽלְאָה׃ והלאה והלאה׃ מֵהָ֖לְאָה מֵהָ֣לְאָה מהלאה hā·lə·’āh Halah hālə’āh mê·hā·lə·’āh meHalah mêhālə’āh vaHalah wā·hā·lə·’āh wāhālə’āh
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