2819. kléros
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
heritage, inheritance, lot, part.

Probably from klao (through the idea of using bits of wood, etc., for the purpose; a die (for drawing chances); by implication, a portion (as if so secured); by extension, an acquisition (especially a patrimony, figuratively) -- heritage, inheritance, lot, part.

see GREEK klao

Forms and Transliterations
κλήροι κλήροί κλήροις κληρον κληρόν κλήρον κλῆρον κληρος κλήρος κλήρός κλῆρος κληρου κλήρου κλήρους κλήρω κληρων κλήρων kleron klêron klēron klērōn klḗron klḗrōn klē̂ron kleros klêros klēros klē̂ros klerou klērou klḗrou klerous klērous klḗrous
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