1033. bróma
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
meat, food.

From the base of bibrosko; food (literally or figuratively), especially (ceremonially) articles allowed or forbidden by the Jewish law -- meat, victuals.

see GREEK bibrosko

Forms and Transliterations
βρωμα βρώμα βρώμά βρῶμα βρῶμά βρώμασι βρωμασιν βρώμασιν βρωματα βρώματα βρώματά βρωματι βρώματί βρωματος βρώματος βρωματων βρωμάτων broma brôma brômá brōma brō̂ma brō̂má bromasin brōmasin brṓmasin bromata brōmata brṓmata bromati brōmati brṓmatí bromaton bromáton brōmatōn brōmátōn bromatos brōmatos brṓmatos
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