Proverbs 15:3

I. GOD IS A SPIRIT. We cannot exhaust the sublimity, the awfulness, the comfort, the meaning, in this thought.

II. GOD SEES ALL AND KNOWS ALL. Both the good and the evil. In looking upon evil deeds which pass unchastised in appearance, we are ready to exclaim, "And yet God has never spoken a word!" But God has seen, and will requite.

III. HENCE LET US POSSESS OUR SOULS IN PATIENCE. Commit them unto him in well doing, and wait for the "end of the Lord." He knows, among other things, the need of his children, and bethinks him of helping and delivering them. - J.

Search diligently.I. Wicked men often CLOAK THEIR EVIL DESIGNS under the appearance of religion. They attempt to deceive those who are really good, and to make them suppose that they have the same design. But God cannot be deceived, and He will bring them to punishment.II. Wicked men often MAKE USE OF THE PIOUS to advance their evil purposes. Men like Herod will stop at nothing if they can carry their ends. They endeavour to deceive the simple, allure the unsuspecting, and to beguile the weak, to answer their purposes of wickedness.III. The plans of wicked men are OFTEN WELL LAID. They occupy a long time; they make diligent inquiry; and all of it has the appearance of religion. But God sees the design; and though men are deceived, He cannot be (
I. That men may be interested in Christ, and inquire about Him from different motives- some to worship, some to murder.

1. The motive of the wise men.

2. Herod's motive.

II. That inquiry about Christ does not produce the same results in all.

1. The wise men rejoiced.

2. Herod was troubled.

III. That all opposition to Christ and His cause must end in failure and overthrow.

(T. Kelly.)

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