God's Hidden Ones
Psalm 83:3-4
They have taken crafty counsel against your people, and consulted against your hidden ones.…

I know few studies that may be made more profitable to Christian people than the names and titles which are given to them in the Book of God. They are called the "flock of God," to intimate His care and their sure supplies; "trees of God," to intimate their hidden life, their growth and fruitfulness; His "jewels," to denote their preciousness and rarity; the "family," the "children," the "household" of God, to denote His Fatherhood and their happiness and home; the "priesthood of God," that they may be holy and separate, and present daily sacrifice to Him; "soldiers," in order to inspire them with courage to fight the good fight of faith. In the text they are called His "hidden ones." The name implies —

I. THE SAFETY OF GOD'S PEOPLE. Out of God and away from Him, man is exposed, without screen or shelter, to the storms of conscience, the tempests of sorrow, the blast of death, the winter of judgment and of doom. All round the world this shelterless condition is felt. Adam felt it, and tried to hide himself among the trees. The heathen fears the anger of the gods, and screens himself by cruel offerings to idols of wood and stone. Self-righteousness makes a fancied refuge for itself, but all in vain. BuS God Himself hath opened a hiding-place: His own infinite mercy, as manifest in the atoning death of Christ.


1. The godly are for the most part hidden, unnoted, and unknown. They are not appreciated. The spirit of the world is at enmity with them — refuses to rank them amongst those whom it delights to honour. It altogether undervalues them, and has little but sneers, contumely, and contempt to give.

2. Besides this, the bulk of God's people in this world are hidden in the obscurity of their condition. In the main, Christianity dwells among the brushwood. It is composed of the rank and file, and has its dwelling, as it had in Christ's time, in the homes of the poor.

3. Some of God's children are hidden by persecution. In the olden time, the faithful ones were hidden among rocks, and dens, and caves of the earth.

4. Many loyal and faithful disciples of Jesus are hidden by a constitutional diffidence. They shrink from any and all publicity. These hidden ones, quiet, silent, and reserved, may be doing a holy work in secret spheres.

5. Then, again, the Lord has His hidden ones, who are hidden by age, by sickness, and by the iron wall of duty, from which they cannot, ought not to break away. Depend upon it, this is a large and noble army.

6. Then I would not forget how many of the Lord's loyal disciples are hidden from each other by the thick, man-spun veils of opposing creeds.

7. Many of ,God's hidden ones are hid away in the shelter of the restful grave.

III. GOD'S APPRECIATION OF HIS PEOPLE. Nobody troubles to hide what is counted worthless. It either has an intrinsic value, like gold, or a circumstantial value, like an old letter or a lock of hair. Believers in Jesus are dear to Him, precious to Him. He hides them, guards them, keeps watch over them. "Where do you keep your jewels?" some one asked of a Roman matron. "In my heart," said she, and straight brought her children into view. They were her precious things, hid in her heart. "Thy hidden ones!"

IV. THE ULTIMATE MANIFESTATION OF GOD'S PEOPLE. Hidden, are they? Well, but "He that hides can find." The jewels are hidden in the casket till they are wanted; then they are brought out to flash upon the breast and to beautify the brow. The royal regalia is hid away under lock and key until another coronation-day comes round.

(J. J. Wray.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.

WEB: They conspire with cunning against your people. They plot against your cherished ones.

God's Hidden Ones
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