Spiritual Depression and its Remedies
Job 16:1-3
Then Job answered and said,…

I. SPIRITUAL DISTRESS is either physical, caused by the action of bodily weakness and infirmity upon the mind. Or satanic, directly due to suggestions of the great enemy of souls. Or judicial, arising from the sensible withdrawal of the light of God's countenance. The general cause of this depression is sin. God occasionally permits it to come upon us, that we may know ourselves, and feel our own weakness.

II. HOW SPIRITUAL DEPRESSION MANIFESTS ITSELF. The most common form is, that the sufferer fancies himself lost. The Psalmist expresses the effect thus, "Make the bones which Thou hast broken to rejoice." The sufferer finds no comfort in prayer; or in the ordinances of religion. What can be done for such?

1. Sympathise with the sufferer.

2. Immediately have recourse to prayer.

3. Endeavour to discover the cause of the withdrawal of God's favour.

4. Dwell much on the promises of God.

5. Meditate upon the love and sovereignty of God.

6. Look to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.Do not continue to write bitter things against yourselves. This is not the day of condemnation.

(M. Villiers, M. A.)

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WEB: Then Job answered,

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