The Message to Afflicted Israel
Exodus 6:2-8
And God spoke to Moses, and said to him, I am the LORD:…

I. THE WORD TO THE LEADER: vers. 2-5. The message must be from faith to faith. The heart of God's servant must first be revived ere he can impart strength to the people.

1. He is reminded of God's faithfulness: "I am Jehovah." We cannot grasp this truth without deliverance from fear.

2. The darkness will only make God's glory shine out the more resplendently. Their present sufferings will mark a new era in God's revelation of himself. Known before as the Almighty, he will now reveal himself as Jehovah, "the faithful One," who remembers and fulfils his promises.

3. Having grasped the truth regarding God's faithfulness he is led back to the promises by which the Lord has bound himself.

4. The assurance of present sympathy and speedy deliverance. He has heard their groaning and called to remembrance his pledged word. To dwell in these truths is to possess light and power. God's word will then be a joy to our hearts, and will be in our lips consolation and strength for the fainting ones around us.


1. It is shut in between the reiterated assurance, "I am Jehovah," vers. 6-9. For them, too, the truth to rest in is God's faithfulness.

2. The deliverance will be accompanied by the revelation of God's terribleness (ver. 6). Israel never forgot those days, and never will.

3. God will wed them to himself. He does not deliver us and then leave us: "I will take you to me for a people and I will be to you a God."

4. He will fulfil all the promises and give them the land for a heritage. This is the Gospel message: Our bonds will be broken - God will bind us to himself and give us his people's heritage. Have we received it? Is it a living hope, an abiding joy to us? - U.

Parallel Verses
KJV: And God spake unto Moses, and said unto him, I am the LORD:

WEB: God spoke to Moses, and said to him, "I am Yahweh;

The Lord Thy God is One God
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