The Clothing of True Worshippers
1 Chronicles 16:29
Give to the LORD the glory due to his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

The expression "in the beauty of holiness" is rendered in the Septuagint Version, "in his sanctuary;" and by the Syriac Version, "with reverence and thanksgiving? A similar expression is found in 2 Chronicles 20:21, "That should praise the beauty of holiness;" this is translated by Bertheau, "in holy attire;" and by Malvenda, "Praise the Lord with the same costume, and dignity, and magnificence, as in the temple." The term "beauty of holiness" may be regarded as including inward devotion, and also with outward reverence. Jennings and Lowe, in their note on Psalm 96:9, translate, "in holy vestments;" and they quote a passage in Ecclus. 1:11, where it is said that Simon the high priest "put on the robe of honour, and... made the garment of the sanctuary honourable." For man external forms of worship are necessary, but in his relations to them there is a constant peril of formality, and so a constant need for a watchful and careful culture of the spiritual life and feeling which alone can make forms acceptable. Illustrate the danger of formality by the Jewish wearing of the tallith, etc., and by exaggerated rabbinical regulations. Note with what constant anxiety our Lord taught that they who "worship the Father must worship him in spirit and in truth." Holiness, as here used, has no precise equivalent. It includes "sincerity," and also "reverence," but it should be thought of as embracing "whole-heartedness "and "devout earnestness" and "spiritual preparedness." The term may be suggestively compared with the "integrity" of David and the "perfect" of the New Testament. The worship-clothing which is expressed in the term "beauty of holiness" may be treated as including

(1) humility;

(2) reverence;

(3) sincerity;

(4) earnestness;

(5) preparedness;

(6) and openness to receive.

In the Christian Church is a "kingdom of priests," a "holy priesthood," then we should be devoutly anxious to secure the priestly clothing for our high and noble spiritual worship. - R.T.

Parallel Verses
KJV: Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

WEB: Ascribe to Yahweh the glory due to his name. Bring an offering, and come before him. Worship Yahweh in holy array.

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