The Daily Offering
Ezekiel 46:13
You shall daily prepare a burnt offering to the LORD of a lamb of the first year without blemish: you shall prepare it every morning.

There is nothing inconsistent in the combination of special solemnities observed upon certain occasions with the regular daily worship. They are not contradictory of, but complementary to, each other. If there is an adaptation between annual festivals and one principle of human nature, there is an equal adaptation between another tendency of that nature and the constantly recurring daily sacrifice of prayer and praise. Accordingly, in this same chapter are found directions as to the yearly feasts and instructions concerning the daily sacrifice. How just and reasonable is this latter provision for our religious life is apparent from -

I. THE DALLY MERCIES WHICH HAVE TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED. The tokens of God's goodness and bounty, forbearance and grace, do not come to us at long intervals. They are incessantly bestowed. He daily loadeth us with benefits. He giveth us day by day our daily bread. The mind that is at once observant and sensitive is, at the contemplation of renewed, unceasing favors, ready to exclaim, "Every day will I praise thee, and I will bless thy Name for ever and ever."

II. THE DAILY SINS WHICH HAVE TO BE CONFESSED, AND FOR WHICH FORGIVENESS HAS TO BE ASKED. The offerings and sacrifices of the temple included not only thank offerings, but sin and trespass offerings. The Israelitish worshipper appeared before Jehovah as a penitent supplicating forbearance and pardon. There is no human worshipper who has not occasion to come into the presence of the God of holiness with shame and confusion of face. Daily transgressions and omissions call for daily acts of humiliation and daily entreaties for mercy. The self-righteous may conceal from themselves this fact, and the hypocritical may seek to conceal it from God. But those who know themselves, and are sincere in their devotions, will implore the clemency and the forgiveness promised by the righteous Sovereign to those who seek reconciliation through the mediation of the Divine Redeemer.

III. THE DAILY GUIDANCE AND STRENGTH WHICH ARE NEEDED, AND WHICH HAVE TO BE SOUGHT FROM GOD. Devotion is primarily the offering of the heart, its love and grateful praise, to God. But it includes also the seeking of blessings which it is his prerogative to bestow. There is no day which does not bring with it duties that can be properly fulfilled only with Divine assistance, trials which can only be passed through securely and beneficially through the direction which God's Holy Spirit alone can vouchsafe. If this is so, how reasonable is the provision for daily communion with God! Thus only can we be assured of that grace which will enable us so to pass through the discipline of earth that it may be the means of meeting us for the service and the joys of heaven. - T.

Parallel Verses
KJV: Thou shalt daily prepare a burnt offering unto the LORD of a lamb of the first year without blemish: thou shalt prepare it every morning.

WEB: You shall prepare a lamb a year old without blemish for a burnt offering to Yahweh daily: morning by morning you shall prepare it.

The Christian's Daily Sacrifice
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