David's Greatness
1 Chronicles 11:9
So David waxed greater and greater: for the LORD of hosts was with him.

From the time that the king began to reign over all the tribes of Israel his fortunes began to improve. Dark days had he gone through before; now the sun of prosperity blazed upon his path.


1. In warlike achievements. He was a man of war from his youth, and his manhood was occupied with the defence of his kingdom and the defeat of his foes.

2. In the valour of his captains. "Mighty men of valour" gathered around him, and contributed to his power and his fame.

3. In the prosperity of his people. That David's reign was an era of material prosperity is evident enough. If nothing else proved it, it would be established by the munificent offerings which the princes and the people presented at the close of David's reign towards the temple fund.

4. In the prevalence of religion. This appears from the establishment upon a grander scale of the Levitical and priestly orders, with the services, sacrifices, and festivals connected with the house of God. David's own psalms, sung as they were by the Levitical choirs, at once evidenced and furthered the prosperity of true religion.

II. THE GROWTH OF DAVID'S GREATNESS. He "waxed greater and greater." His career was one of continually advancing prosperity. As with most men favourably circumstanced, so in his case, success and prosperity were the cause of their own increase. "He went growing and growing."

III. THE EXPLANATION OF DAVID'S GREATNESS. "The Lord of hosts was with him." Cui adhoeres, praeest! the Lord God may better say than any earthly prince, He to whom I attach myself, he shall prosper. "The Lord of hosts was with David:"

1. To give him regal qualities.

2. To surround him with prudent counsellors, devoted friends, and faithful servants.

3. To give him favour with the people.

4. To reveal himself to his heart, as the Subject of praise, the Law of righteousness, the Lord of life.


1. It is within the power of all Christians, by the use of the means of grace, to grow constantly in true excellence.

2. Only by the presence and aid of the Most High can we be justified in looking for progress and true prosperity. - T.

Parallel Verses
KJV: So David waxed greater and greater: for the LORD of hosts was with him.

WEB: David grew greater and greater; for Yahweh of Armies was with him.

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