The Voluble are Miserable Comforters
Job 16:1-3
Then Job answered and said,…

Voluble people are incompetent for the work of giving comfort. Bildad and Eliphaz had the gift of language, and with their words almost bothered Job's life out. Alas for those voluble people that go among the houses of the afflicted, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk! They rehearse their own sorrows, and then tell the poor sufferers that they feel badly now, but they will feel worse after awhile. Silence! Do you expect with a thin court plaster of words to heal a wound deep as the soul? Step very gently round about a broken heart. Talk very softly round those whom God has bereft. Then go your way. Deep sympathy has not much to say.

(T. De Witt Talmage.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Then Job answered and said,

WEB: Then Job answered,

The Comforter Must have Experienced Sorrow
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