True Learning
Ephesians 4:20-21
But you have not so learned Christ;


1. Learning Christ is

(1)  much more than learning doctrine, precept, or ceremony.

(2)  Much more than knowing about Christ, or learning from Christ.

2. It includes several forms of knowledge.

(1)  To know Him as a personal Christ.

(2)  To know His nature, and to treat Him accordingly.

(3)  To know His offices, and how to use them.

(4)  To know His finished work for God and for us.

(5)  To know His influence over men, and to test it.

(6)  To know by learning Christ the way to live like Him.


1. So as to remain as we were before. Unchanged, and yet at peace.

2. So as to excuse sin because of His atonement.

3. So as to feel a freedom to sin because of pardon.

4. So as even to commit sin in Christ's name.

5. So as to reckon that we cannot conquer sin, and so sit down under the dominion of some constitutional temptation.

6. So as to profess reverence for His name and character, and then think little of the truth which He reveals.

III. HOW WE HAVE LEARNED IT. We know the truth, and know it in its best light.

1. As directly taught by His own self, and by His own Spirit.

2. As distinctly embodied in His life and character.

3. As it relates to Him and honours Him.

4. Consequently, as it is in Him. Truth is in Jesus, indeed and of a truth, for in Him everything is real.

5. Consequently as it works a total change in us, and makes us like to Him in whom truth is embodied.

(C. H. Spurgeon.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: But ye have not so learned Christ;

WEB: But you did not learn Christ that way;

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