The Sinful Man's Search
Job 8:5-7
If you would seek to God betimes, and make your supplication to the Almighty;…

I. WHAT IS IT THAT GOD REQUIRETH? A diligent and speedy search. It is a work both in desire and labour to be joined with God. How must we search? Faithfully, humbly, continually. Whom we must seek. God, for four causes.

1. Because we have nothing of ourselves, nor of any other creature.

2. Because none is so present as He.

3. Because none is so able to help as He.

4. Because there is none so willing to help as He. When we must seek. Early. "Even in a time when He may be found."

II. HOW IS THE SEARCH TO BE MADE? In prayer. Prayer is a shield against the force of our adversary. Prayer hath ever been the cognisance, and the victory, and the triumph of the faithful; for as the soul giveth life to the. body, so prayer giveth life to the soul.

III. WHAT EFFECT THIS SEEKING AND PRAYING SHOULD HAVE ON US. "If thou wert pure and upright." God's promises for the performance hereof yield unto us most plentiful matter of doctrine and consolation. In God's promises note His mercy, which exceedeth all His works. Note His bountiful kindness, His patience and long-suffering, and His love. God increase the love of these things in our hearts, and make us worthy of Christ's blessings, which He hath plentifully in store for us; that after He hath heaped temporal blessings upon us, He will give us the blessing of all blessings, even the life of the world to come.

(H. Smith.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: If thou wouldest seek unto God betimes, and make thy supplication to the Almighty;

WEB: If you want to seek God diligently, make your supplication to the Almighty.

The Justice of God
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