God's Acceptance of the Sacrifices
Leviticus 9:1-24
And it came to pass on the eighth day, that Moses called Aaron and his sons, and the elders of Israel;…

I. THE TESTIMONIES OF GOD'S ACCEPTANCE. These were of different kinds.

1. Ministerial. Moses and Aaron having finished all that they had to do within the Tabernacle, came forth and "blessed the people." In this they were(1) Types of Christ. Showing what He would do as soon as He had finished His sacrifice: He blessed His disciples (Luke 24:50, 51) as He was taken up to heaven; and He sent the promised blessing of the Holy Spirit quickly thence (Acts 2:33; Acts 3:26).

(2) Examples to ministers. Showing what all ministers are empowered to declare to those who rely on the Great Sacrifice. They are to stand forth in the very name of God and proclaim pardon and peace to all (Acts 13:38, 39).

2. Personal. In two ways did God Himself, by direct testimonies, apart from all indirect human agency, manifest His acceptance.

(1) He displayed His glory before all the people. Now we have no such visible manifestation, but we have instead, as direct testimonies from God, "the Spirit of God witnessing with our spirit." and "the love of God shed abroad in our hearts."(2) He sent fire upon the sacrifice. Showing what fiery indignation they deserved, but that He had turned it aside from them and caused it to fall on the altar.

II. EFFECTS PRODUCED BY THESE TESTIMONIES OF GOD'S ACCEPTANCE. Visible objects affect us strongly; the people now were deeply impressed with what they saw. They were filled —

1. With exalted joy. Had they not been taught to expect this manifestation they would have been terrified thereby, as Gideon and Mancah (Judges 6:21, 22; Judges 13:19-22); but being prepared, they rent the air with their shouts. The inward triumph of Paul seems more suited to our dispensation (Romans 8:31-39), and that is both the privilege and duty of every one of us to enjoy.

2. With profound reverence. Humility united with joy. Even the seraphim cover their faces and feet before the throne; glorified saints cast their crowns at the feet of Him who sitteth thereon. Exalted joys should be tempered with adoration. Illustrations will be found in Genesis 17:3; Exodus 3:6.Learn —

(1) To lay no stress on transient affections. Such a state of feeling in the people ought to have issued well, but soon passed away when temptation arose.

(2) To be thankful for the advantages we enjoy. We are apt to envy the Jews their privileges they walked by sight, we walk by faith. But our High Priest "blesses us with all spiritual blessings."

(Chas. Simeon, M. A.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And it came to pass on the eighth day, that Moses called Aaron and his sons, and the elders of Israel;

WEB: It happened on the eighth day, that Moses called Aaron and his sons, and the elders of Israel;

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