Ardour After the Heavenly Canaan
Deuteronomy 3:23-26
And I sought the LORD at that time, saying,…

If we take this prayer in its spiritual sense we shall find in it much to elevate our hopes and views beyond the passing scenes of time, and to fix them on the more permanent realities of that eternal world to which we are all quickly approaching. "I pray Thee," says Moses to God, "let me go over and see the good land." The words of this prayer imply a strong desire, a heartfelt eagerness, on the part of the person uttering them, to see the good land, and not alone to see it, but to enter it and enjoy its pleasures.

I. Now we are naturally led to the inquiry, FROM WHENCE ARISES THIS FEELING IN THE CHRISTIAN'S HEART — THIS EAGERNESS TO SEE THE GOOD LAND? I should say, from his having taken a proper estimate of the world. The Christian has been taught to look above it and its low concerns to nobler objects, to heaven and heavenly things, as the supreme object of his ambition and as his incorruptible and undefiled portion.

II. NOW, WHAT PROOFS HAVE WE THAT WE ARE DESIRING THIS "GOOD LAND," THIS BETTER AND HEAVENLY COUNTRY? If we are looking forward to be with God in heaven we are now endeavouring —

1. To sit loose to the things of this world.

2. Another proof of our earnestly seeking this heavenly country is, that we are now making religion our chief concern, that it is the most important matter we have at heart, that our worldly engagements, of what nature soever they may be, are all secondary to the interests of the soul.

3. Another evidence that we are advancing towards the heavenly Canaan is that sin is becoming a matter of habitual distaste to us.

(Dr. L. F. Russell, M. A.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And I besought the LORD at that time, saying,

WEB: I begged Yahweh at that time, saying,

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