The Promise of Eternal Life
1 John 2:25
And this is the promise that he has promised us, even eternal life.

I. GOD'S PROMISE OF SALVATION is the expression of His heart of love to the needy and to the lost. This is God's promise, even eternal life.


1. First, we must think of God's purpose in the promise. He had a purpose in making the promise.

2. Then we must think of the Word of God, in which the promise is revealed as well as recorded; and the promise being in God's Word, will never be repealed.

3. Then we must think of Christ, in whom all the promises of God are "Yea, and in Him Amen." God says, "My covenant shall stand fast with Him." There is no change in all this.

4. And then there is another point we have to think about, and that is the believer's faith in order to realise the promise; and this is often very weak, and often fails.

III. THE PERSONS TO WHOM THE PROMISE IS MADE. "This is the promise which He hath promised us." The "us" here means those who "had an unction from the Holy One," and knew the truth, as distinguished from those who held the various errors the apostle had been speaking of. It refers to all the children of God, Christ's Holy Church throughout the world; for, as the work was done for them, so the promise by which that work was made theirs is addressed to them.

(J. W. Reeve, M. A.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.

WEB: This is the promise which he promised us, the eternal life.

Eternal Life
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