The Potency of Language
Job 6:25
How forcible are right words! but what does your arguing reprove?

Language is more than the expression of ideas. It sustains a more vital relation. Thought is a remote abstraction until it becomes visible, tangible, concrete, in words. Hence Wordsworth, with profound philosophy, wrote, "Language is the incarnation of thought." But more than this, a man knows not what he thinks until he tries to put it into words. The tongue or pen sometimes like a whetstone sharpens thought, giving it edge and point; sometimes like a painter's pencil, it communicates definiteness, precision, and exquisite colouring to the outlines of thought; again, like a prism, it seems to analyse and separate blended ideas; again, like a crystal, it imparts clearness, symmetry, brilliance; or like a mirror, it reflects and multiplies the rays of light. Verily, "how forcible are right words!"

(A. T. Pierson, D. D.).

Parallel Verses
KJV: How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove?

WEB: How forcible are words of uprightness! But your reproof, what does it reprove?

The Force of Right Words
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