Daily Bread
Matthew 6:11
Give us this day our daily bread.

I. WE MAY ASK FOR TEMPORAL THINGS IF WE ASK FOR THEM LAWFULLY. It is true, prayers to God for spiritual things are more acceptable. As your child pleaseth you better when it comes to you to be taught its book, rather than when it comes for an apple. But we may ask for other things.

1. For they are good and useful to us in the course of our service.

2. Without them we are exposed to many temptations. Prayer easeth you of a deal of carking about them.

II. We must ask for them LAWFULLY.

1. Not preferring these temporal things before His favour, and the graces of His Spirit.

2. In moderate proportion.

III. We must ask them WITH HUMILITY AND SUBMISSION to the will of God.

1. Not for ostentation and riot, that we may live at large and at ease, but that Thy name may be glorified, and that we may be supported in service.

2. We must not come and challenge it, as if it were our due.

3. We must not use the plea of merit, but of mercy.

(Thomas. Manton, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Give us this day our daily bread.

WEB: Give us today our daily bread.

Daily Bread
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