God's Word Tried to the Uttermost
Psalm 119:140
Your word is very pure: therefore your servant loves it.

(P. B. Version: — Notice a few of the ways in which the Word of God has been tried and found perfect.

I. BY PROPHECY. Things, and events, and persons have been foretold and described in it with the minutest detail, and they have all in due time been accomplished; as the seed of the woman predicted in Paradise, the deluge, the birth of Isaac, and Abraham's numerous posterity, the respective characters of Jacob and Esau, the future history of the twelve tribes, foretold by Jacob on his death-bed, the prophet like unto Moses, the 430 years of Israel's wanderings, the deliverance from Egypt, and possession of Palestine, etc.

II. BY MIRACLES. Tried to the uttermost has the Word of God been by miracles of every variety, performed on every element, on the living and the dead, on fire and water, on Satan and his legions, on disease, the brute creation, and especially by the Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord.

III. BY PERSECUTION. Satan and wicked men have often tried to quench this spirit from Heaven. As Ahab hated Michaiah, and for the same reason, because "he told him the truth," men have fettered and silenced and destroyed the Word of God. Jehoiakim was not the only one who cut and burnt the sacred Scriptures. It has been tried to the uttermost in the furnace of persecution, and the result is that it is "very pure," proved more manifestly than ever to be from heaven.


V. BY EXPERIENCE. Thousands, millions have proved it to be God's power unto salvation. It has enlightened, renewed, comforted, and saved them.

(John Harding, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.

WEB: Your promises have been thoroughly tested, and your servant loves them.

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