The Hope of the Hypocrite
Job 8:14
Whose hope shall be cut off, and whose trust shall be a spider's web.

I. THE CHARACTER OF THE HYPOCRITE. He hides wickedness under a cloak of goodness. He derives his honour from his birth; the child of God from his new birth. He serves God with that which costs him nothing. He is only disposed to some virtues. He puts reason in the place of religion. His virtues are only shining vices. He hears the Word without real benefit. He is the "stony ground." Sometimes he trembles under the Word, but he shifts it off. He is a seeming friend, but a secret foe, to the Gospel. If he pray, it is with his tongue, not with his heart. He acts according to his wishes. He is wavering and double minded.


1. The trust, or hope, of the hypocrite is a spider's web, because he forms it, as it were, out of his own bowels.

2. Because the profession and all the works of the hypocrite are weak and unstable. There is some curiosity in the spider's web, but there is neither strength nor stability.

3. The spider makes her web to catch and ensnare. So the hypocrite ensnares the simple; he makes gain of godliness.

4. The hypocrite, like the spider, thinks himself perfectly safe; when once lodged in his profession he apprehends no danger.

5. In the issue the hope shall perish as does a spider's web. When the house is swept, down go the spiders' webs.

(T. Hannam.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Whose hope shall be cut off, and whose trust shall be a spider's web.

WEB: Whose confidence shall break apart, Whose trust is a spider's web.

Hope as a Spider's Web
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