A Faithful Friend
2 Timothy 4:9-11
Do your diligence to come shortly to me:…

A faithful friend will not forsake us in our deepest distress. A faithful friend — and such a one was Luke — loves at all times (Proverbs 17:17). Though Paul be a prisoner and ready to be martyred, yet Luke keeps with him still; though all forsake him, yet he will stick to him. Pot-friendship will vanish, especially in adversity. Job (Job 6:15) complains of his friends that they had deceived him like a brook; they were not like a river which is fed by a spring and hath a perennity of flowing, but like a brook which runs in moist times when there is least need of it, but in a drought it fails; like swallows which fly about us in summer, but in winter they leave us and hide themselves in hollow trees or the like. Such vermin abound which run to full barns, but outrun them when empty. Most worship the rising, few the setting sun.

(T. Hall, B. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Do thy diligence to come shortly unto me:

WEB: Be diligent to come to me soon,

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