Preservation from Enemies
Psalm 64:9-10
And all men shall fear, and shall declare the work of God; for they shall wisely consider of his doing.…

I. AN ACT OF GOD. His enemies were strong and powerful, but God was omnipotent, and in Him was his help and trust; they designed his utter ruin, but God turned their mischief upon their own heads.

1. The suddenness of their destruction.

2. The manner of the discovery, and prevention of his danger.


1. Fear, which naturally arises in men's minds upon the apprehensions of God's irresistible power and greatness; for whom has an arm like God? or who can thunder with a voice like Him? yea, who can hear His voice and not tremble? or see His hand stretched out and not be afraid? "All men shall fear," but fear alone will not profit us; for the devils tremble before the power they hate, and wicked men may dread God's vengeance, where they are unwilling to see His hand; and therefore here follows another effect, which such signal actions have upon men.

2. "They shall declare the work of God." And this is an effect as general and large as the other, though upon different accounts; for even they who are unwilling to own it shall be forced to acknowledge it, and they for whose sake it is done shall rejoice to publish it.

3. "They shall wisely consider of His doing." That is, they shall better understand the method of God's proceedings, and the reasons of His dealings in the world; for these things make it plain that God takes care of the affairs of His people, and that the enemies of His Church shall not be able to prevail against her.


1. "The righteous shall be glad in the Lord." A duty no less easy than pleasant, and that which we all seem to covet most; that which we eagerly pursue as the best of this world's satisfaction, joy and rejoicing.

2. "The righteous shall trust in Him." And good reason indeed to trust in Him, of whose favour and lovingkindness we have had so large experience; well may we rely on that power which is so able to protect us; well may we depend on that providence which so remarkably takes care of us.

3. "All the upright in heart shall glory." They shall glory in His strength, and triumph in His favour. But that is not all; they shall glory in the confusion of the wicked, and rejoice in the continual disappointment of such treacherous designs.

(H. Dove, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And all men shall fear, and shall declare the work of God; for they shall wisely consider of his doing.

WEB: All mankind shall be afraid. They shall declare the work of God, and shall wisely ponder what he has done.

Gladness in God
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