Revelation 3
Bible Study Questions

1. How does the message to the church in Sardis resonate with your current spiritual state?

2. How might a modern-day believer fall into the trap of being 'lukewarm' as the Laodiceans were?

3. What does it mean to be an overcomer in your daily life?

4. How does the promise to the church of Philadelphia inspire you to persevere in your faith?

5. What steps can you take to ensure you are not just 'living' but 'alive' in your spiritual journey?

6. How can you apply the counsel to the Laodiceans to "buy gold refined in fire" in your life?

7. How does the judgment presented in Revelation 3 reflect on God's love and justice?

8. What practical actions can you take to avoid being 'spiritually asleep' like the church in Sardis?

9. How can modern believers maintain a 'hot' rather than 'lukewarm' faith amid worldly distractions?

10. How can the promise to the overcomers in each church encourage believers to remain steadfast in their faith?

11. How can you apply the call to repentance in your daily life?

12. In what ways can you apply the teachings from the messages to the churches in your church or community?

13. What does having the names of God, the city of God, and Christ's new name written on you signify for you personally?

14. How can you strive for the true wealth in Christ, as suggested to the Laodiceans?

15. How can we discern whether we have fallen into a reputation of life but are spiritually dead, as with the church in Sardis?

16. How can the message to the church in Philadelphia be a source of motivation in times of trial?

17. In what ways does the counsel to the Laodiceans challenge your understanding of spiritual wealth, righteousness, and insight?

18. How can the promise of sitting with Christ on His throne inspire you to live righteously?

19. How does the spiritual condition of the three churches reflect the various states of modern churches?

20. How can you use the messages to the churches to evaluate and improve your personal spiritual journey?

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