Proverbs 10:5
10:1 The comfort of parents much depends on their children; and this suggests to both, motives to their duties. 2,3. Though the righteous may be poor, the Lord will not suffer him to want what is needful for spiritual life. 4. Those who are fervent in spirit, serving the Lord, are likely to be rich in faith, and rich in good works. 5. Here is just blame of those who trifle away opportunities, both for here and for hereafter. 6. Abundance of blessings shall abide on good men; real blessings.

5. son—as Pr 1:8, 10, and often.

sleepeth—in indolence, and not for rest.

causeth shame—literally, "is base" (compare Pr 14:35; 17:2).

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