Philippians 4:1
4:1 The believing hope and prospect of eternal life, should make us steady and constant in our Christian course. There is difference of gifts and graces, yet, being renewed by the same Spirit, we are brethren. To stand fast in the Lord, is to stand fast in his strength, and by his grace.


Php 4:1-23. Exhortations: Thanks for the Supply from Philippi: Greeting; and Closing Benediction.

1. "Wherefore"; since we have such a glorious hope (Php 3:20, 21).

dearly beloved—repeated again at the close of the verse, implying that his great love to them should be a motive to their obedience.

longed for—"yearned after" in your absence (Php 1:8).

crown—in the day of the Lord (Php 2:16; 1Th 2:19).

so—as I have admonished you.

stand fast—(Php 1:27).

Philippians 3:21
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