Job 36:29
36:24-33 Elihu endeavours to fill Job with high thought of God, and so to persuade him into cheerful submission to his providence. Man may see God's works, and is capable of discerning his hand in them, which the beasts are not, therefore they ought to give him the glory. But while the worker of iniquity ought to tremble, the true believer should rejoice. Children should hear with pleasure their Father's voice, even when he speaks in terror to his enemies. There is no light but there may be a cloud to intercept it. The light of the favour of God, the light of his countenance, the most blessed light of all, even that light has many a cloud. The clouds of our sins cause the Lord to his face, and hinder the light of his loving-kindness from shining on our souls.

29. (Job 37:5). God's marvels in thunder and lightnings.

spreadings, &c.—the canopy of thick clouds, which covers the heavens in a storm (Ps 105:39).

the noise—"crashing"; namely, thunder.

of his tabernacle—God being poetically said to have His pavilion amid dark clouds (Ps 18:11; Isa 40:22).

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