Ninth Sunday after Trinity. How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions? if the Lord be God, Follow Him; but if Baal, Then Follow Him.
How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him.

From the Lesson. [1 Kings 18:21]


Was kinket ihr betrognen Seelen


trans. by Catherine Winkworth, 1855

Why halt thus, O deluded heart,

Why waver longer in thy choice?

Is it so hard to choose the part

Offered by Heaven's entreating voice?

Oh look with clearer eyes again,

Nor strive to enter in, in vain.

Press on!

Remember, 'tis not Caesar's throne,

Nor earthly honour, wealth or might

Whereby God's favour shall be show

To him who conquers in the fight;

Himself and an eternity

Of bliss and rest he offers thee.

Press on!

God crowneth no divided heart;

To Him oh hallow all thy life!

Who loveth Jesus but in part,

he works himself much pain and strife,

And gains what he deserveth well,

Here conflict, and hereafter hell.

Press on!

Who wrestling long, with many a cry

Can bid farewell at last to all,

Yet ever loves the Lord most High,

Loves Him alone whate'er befall,

Is counted worthy of the crown,

And on a kingly throne set down.

Press on!

Then break the rotten bonds away

That hinder you your race to run,

That make you linger oft and stay;

Oh be your course afresh begun!

Let no false rest your soul deceive,

Up! 'tis a Heaven ye must receive!

Press on!

Omnipotence is on your side,

And Wisdom watches o'er your heads,

And God Himself will be your guide

So ye but follow where He leads;

How many guided by His hand,

Have reached ere now their father-land!

Press on!

Nor let the body dull the soul,

Its weakness, fears, and sloth despise;

Man toils and roams from pole to pole

To gain some earthly fleeting prize,

The Highest Good he little cares

To win, or striving soon despairs.

Press on!

Oh help each other, hasten on,

Behold the goal is nigh at hand;

The battle-field shall soon be won,

Your King shall soon before you stand!

To calmest rest He leads you now,

And sets His crown upon your brow.

Press on!

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