For Travellers the Parting.
The Parting.


Einst fahren wir vom Vaterland

[233]Albert Knapp.

Now we must leave our father-land,

And wander far o'er ocean's foam;

Broken is kinship's dearest band,

Forsaken stands our ancient home;

But One will ever with us go

Through busiest day and stillest night;

And heaven above, the deeps below

Shrink back abash'd before His sight.

Then be the issue life or death,

Let Him do as it seems Him best,

The messenger of Christian faith

Looks not in this world for his rest.

If but His hand still hold us fast,

His presence hourly fold us round,

The anchor of our souls is cast

Firm in the One eternal ground.

The voice of Everlasting Love,

That rang with living power through us,

Is worthy thus our souls to move,

Worthy to fill a lifetime thus;

Here none was e'er deceived or lost,

Howe'er his earthly hopes might fade;

Then well for him who weighs the cost

Ere yet his final choice is made.

Yes, scatter'd are our brothers now

O'er land and ocean far apart,

Yet to one Master still they bow,

In Him they still are one in heart;

For as one sin, one poison ran

Through all our race since Adam's fall;

There is one hope, one life for man

In Him who bore the sins of all.

Sweet for each other oft to plead,

And feel our oneness in the Son,

Ah then we daily meet indeed

In spirit at our Father's throne!

Our bodies are but parted here,

And fade in this dark land away

The earthly shadows disappear,

The harvest ripens for that Day.

Soon Time for us shall cease to reign,

The Saviour calls us home in peace;

At last we all shall meet again,

And dwell together all in bliss,

Where faith to clearest vision yields; --

Triumphant light for sorrowing gloom,

For desert wastes fair Eden's fields,

For tearful paths a blessed home!

for travellers on the sea-shore
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