The Love of Christ to the Church, in his Language to Her, and Provisions for Her. Ss 7:5-13.
L. M.

The love of Christ to the church, in his language to her, and provisions for her. SS 7:5-13.

Now in the galleries of his grace

Appears the King, and thus he says,

"How fair my saints are in my sight!

My love how pleasant for delight!"

Kind is thy language, sovereign Lord,

There's heav'nly grace in every word;

From that dear mouth a stream divine

Flows sweeter than the choicest wine.

Such wondrous love awakes the lip

Of saints that were almost asleep,

To speak the praises of thy name,

And makes our cold affections flame.

These are the joys he lets us know

In fields and villages below;

Gives us a relish of his love,

But keeps his noblest feast above.

In Paradise, within the gates,

A higher entertainment waits

Fruits new and old laid up in store,

Where we shall feed, but thirst no more.

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