The Devil Vanquished; Or, Michael's War with the Dragon. Rev. 12:07
L. M.

The devil vanquished; or, Michael's war with the dragon. Rev.12:7.

Let mortal tongues attempt to sing

The wars of heav'n, when Michael stood

Chief general of th' Eternal King,

And fought the battles of our God.

Against the dragon and his host

The armies of the Lord prevail:

In vain they rage, in vain they boast,

Their courage sinks, their weapons fail.

Down to the earth was Satan thrown,

Down to the earth his legions fell;

Then was the trump of triumph blown,

And shook the dreadful deeps of hell.

Now is the hour of darkness past,

Christ has assum'd his reigning power;

Behold the great accuser cast

Down from the skies to rise no more.

'Twas by thy blood, immortal Lamb,

Thine armies trod the tempter down;

'Twas by thy word and powerful name

They gain'd the battle and renown.

Rejoice, ye heav'ns; let every star

Shine with new glories round the sky;

Saints, while ye sing the heav'nly war,

Raise your Deliv'rer's name on high.

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