Children Devoted to God. Gen. 17:7,10; Acts 16:14,15,33.
C. M.

Children devoted to God. Gen.17:7,10; Acts 16:14,15,33.

[For those who practise infant Baptism.]

Thus saith the mercy of the Lord,

"I'll be a God to thee;

I'll bless thy num'rous race, and they

Shall be a seed for me."

Abram believed the promised grace,

And gave his sons to God;

But water seals the blessing now,

That once was sealed with blood.

Thus Lydia sanctified her house,

When she received the word;

Thus the believing jailer gave

His household to the Lord.

Thus later saints, eternal King!

Thine ancient truth embrace;

To thee their infant offspring bring,

And humbly claim the grace.

hymn 120 faith of things
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