Christ is the Substance of the Levitical Priesthood.
1 The true Messiah now appears,
The types are all withdrawn;
So fly the shadows and the stars
Before the rising dawn.

2 No smoking sweets, nor bleeding lambs,
Nor kid, nor bullock slain,
Incense and spice of costly names
Would all be burnt in vain.

3 Aaron must lay his robes away;
His mitre and his vest,
When God himself comes down to be
The offering and the priest.

4 He took our mortal flesh to show
The wonders of his love;
For us he paid his life below,
And prays for us above.

5 "Father, (he cries) forgive their sins,
"For I myself have dy'd,"
And then he shews his open'd veins,
And pleads his wounded side.

hymn 2 11 the same
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