The Devil Vanquished; Or, Michael's War with the Dragon, Rev. 12 7
1 Let mortal tongues attempt to sing
The wars of heaven, when Michael stood
Chief general of th' Eternal King,
And fought the battles of our God.

2 Against the dragon and his host
The armies of the Lord prevail:
In vain they rage, in vain they boast,
Their courage sinks, their weapons fail.

3 Down to the earth was Satan thrown,
Down to the earth his legions fell;
Then was the trump of triumph blown,
And shook the dreadful deeps of hell.

4 Now is the hour of darkness past,
Christ hath assum'd his reigning power;
Behold the great accuser cast
Down from the skies, to rise no more.

5 'Twas by thy blood immortal Lamb,
Thine armies trod the tempter down;
'Twas by thy word and powerful Name,
They gain'd the battle and renown.

6 Rejoice, ye heavens; let every star
Shine with new glories round the sky;
Saints, while ye sing the heavenly war,
Raise your Deliverer's name on high.

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