The Song of Moses and the Lamb; Or, Babylon Falling, Rev. 15 3 and Chap. 16 19 and 17 6
1 We sing the glories of thy love,
We sound thy dreadful Name;
The Christian church unites the songs
Of Moses and the Lamb.

2 Great God, how wondrous are thy works
Of vengeance and of grace!
Thou King of saints, Almighty Lord,
How just and true thy ways!

3 Who dares refuse to fear thy Name,
Or worship at thy throne?
Thy judgments speak thine holiness
Thro' all the nations known.

4 Great Babylon, that rules the earth,
Drunk with the martyrs' blood,
Her crimes shall speedily awake
The fury of our God.

5 The cup of wrath is ready mix'd,
And she must drink the dregs;
Strong is the Lord her sovereign Judge,
And shall fulfil the plagues.

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