The Last Judgment, Rev. 21 5-8.
1 See where the great incarnate God
Fills a majestic throne,
While from the skies his awful voice
Bears the last judgment down.

2 ["I am the first, and I the last,
"Thro' endless years the same;
"I AM is my memorial still,
"And my eternal name.

3 "Such favours as a God can give
"My royal grace bestows;
"Ye thirsty souls come taste the streams
"Where life and pleasure flows.]

4 ["The saint that triumphs o'er his sins,
"I'll own him for a son,
"The whole creation shall reward
"The conquests he has won.

5 "But bloody hands and hearts unclean,
"And all the lying race,
"The faithless and the scoffing crew,
"That spurn at offer'd grace,

6 "They shall be taken from my sight,
"Bound fast in iron chains,
"And headlong plung'd into the lake
"Where fire and darkness reigns."

7 O may I stand before the Lamb,
When earth and seas are fled!
And hear the Judge pronounce my name
With blessings on my head!

8 May I with those for ever dwell
Who here were my delight,
While sinners banish'd down to hell,
No more offend my sight.

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