Assurance of Heaven; Or, a Saint Prepared to Die, 2 Tim. 4 6 7 8 18
1 [Death may dissolve my body now,
And bear my spirit home;
Why do my minutes move so slow,
Nor my salvation come?

2 With heavenly weapons I have fought
The battles of the Lord,
Finish'd my course, and kept the faith,
And wait the sure reward.]

3 God has laid up in heaven for me
A crown which cannot fade;
The righteous Judge at that great day
Shall place it on my head.

4 Nor hath the King of grace decreed
This prize for me alone;
But all that love and long to see
Th' appearance of his Son.

5 Jesus the Lord shall guard me safe
From every ill design;
And to his heavenly kingdom keep
This feeble soul of mine.

6 God is my everlasting aid
And hell shall rage in vain;
To him be highest glory paid,
And endless praise. -- Amen.

hymn 1 26 hope of heaven
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